Help Bring Baby Girl Kossack Home!

We are so excited to finally announce that we're adopting a little girl from China! It's something that we've been talking about since our very first date back in 2003. After we were married we continued to talk about how, one day, after we had three biological kiddos of our own, we'd adopt our fourth child from China. The only problem with that plan was that it was OUR plan. Isn't that how it so often goes? While we are off making our own plans, God gently nudges and redirects us in the way that He wants us to go. Well, God clearly has a different plan for our family, too – one that we trust will ultimately be a much better one! After three years of struggling with unexplainable secondary infertility while trying for baby #3, we felt God leading us back towards adoption. We've been back and forth for the past year trying to decide between domestic infant adoption (mainly because Lauren really wanted to do the infant thing again) and China adoption. We've been close to adopting domestically twice (literally had all of the paperwork ready to hand in), but both times God stopped us and has led us back to China. It's where our hearts have been from the beginning and we are excited that we've finally said "YES" to God's plan for our family. It's a scary step, definitely a leap of faith, but an exciting one! There are so many reasons we would like to be able to pay for our daughter's complete adoption on our own and just show you the fun pictures and highlight reel. But part of our faith journey has been trusting God's provision for something He's called us to that will stretch our faith beyond our resources. The estimated cost of our adoption is more than $30,000. We have paid more than half that amount through savings. However, we know we will still need another $15,000 by the time it is all said and done. Would you be willing to help us complete this journey by purchasing a bag of this amazing coffee? These funds will be used to cover our adoption costs, including our agency and orphanage fees, our visas to enter China and our daughter’s passport to the U.S., travel expenses for the three-week stay in China it takes to complete the adoption, and additional fees incurred as part of the adoption process. We are excited to tell our sweet daughter one day about all the people that God used to "wreck the roof" for us so we could bring her home. We invite you to join us on our adoption journey and welcome you to invite your friends and family along, as well!! We can't wait to meet our precious daughter and promise to keep you updated along the way! Thank you for helping to make our adoption dream come true. For adoption updates, check out our blog: For other ways to get involved and help, check out our YouCaring Page:


  • Adoption update: 8/14/2016 Many people ask us about when we'll be able to bring our daughter home. The short answer to that question is this: We're not sure, but hopefully sooner rather than later! The absolute soonest we would be able to travel to China to get our daughter would be around February of 2017, but depending on when we're matched with a child, it could be later next year. One of the key steps in the process is the submission of our dossier to the CCCWA -- China's agency that administers the adoption process. Basically, the "dossier" is just a fancy word for the package of all of our adoption documents that goes to the Chinese government. Most families are matched after their dossiers are "logged in" to the CCCWA's system, so we've been working feverishly to assemble all of the required documents and get them to China ASAP! We have made a lot of progress already towards that goal. We have compiled 11 of 13 required documents needed to file our dossier, and then had each document notarized, certified by the Indiana Secretary of State, and then authenticated by the Chinese Consulate in Chicago. As you can imagine, that was quite a process! One of the two documents we still need is our home study report. Our home study visits and interviews are complete, and the social worker who conducted it is now drafting a report for approval. Once that report is complete (hopefully within a week or so!) we can put everything together and submit it to U.S. Customs for document #13, which is our I-800 approval to adopt internationally. Approval times for I-800s are typically running 30-60 days, so once we have that, we can finally file our dossier with China!

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