Cafe Femenino Peru Single-Serve Cups (12-Count)

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Description: This beautifully roasted coffee hails from an organization that is near and dear to our coffee bean heart. The Café Femenino Foundation is a non-profit organization devoted to providing grants for programs and initiatives that enhance the lives of women and their families in coffee-producing communities around the world. We are honored to roast this single-origin, Peruvian coffee bringing out the nutty, caramel, and red pepper notes that deliver a wonderfully smooth coffee that makes it a favorite with our customers. We're excited to bring this coffee to into our family of single-serve cups that work great in brewers that accept *K-Cup® packs.

*K-Cup® is a registered trademark of Keurig Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. Just Love Coffee Roasters and our brands are not affiliated with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. or Keurig Inc.

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