San Lazaro Estates Honduran (Medium)

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Description: Born on the Sierra de La Botija Mountains near San Marcos de Colon in southern Honduras, this delicious coffee is a lightly roasted with a mild acidity. It presents a dominate milk chocolate note coupled with sweet citrus in the cup.

What we 'love' most about this direct trade coffee is their mission to serve others through the non-profit ministry known as Mission Lazarus. Mission Lazarus provides many great opportunities for individuals and families in the region to not only learn skills that help improve their current circumstances, but also become catalyst for positive change that impacts others beyond the region. In addition to their amazing coffee farm, they are home to a working ranch, artisan shop, hotel, and restaurant which employ over 50 people and generates 25% of their budget.

So it's not hard to see why we're in "love" with this coffee. If you would like to learn more about the work of Mission Lazarus, please visit and

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